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Average Resolution Times By Service Level - Requests.

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Hi All,

First off, please forgive my little to no experience with this. If there is already a report for this please do point me in the right direction.

There is an in-build report for incidents but I can't see the same for requests, Can the inbuilt report be copied and edited to show requests rather than incidents. I am guessing there is a simple way to do this but not entirely sure how i'd go about this. Please bear in mind I have no SQL experience.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Sam,

Thanks so much for your reply.

Apologies, I don't think I explained myself enough. There is already an in-built report for incidents as you have posted but I need the same for 'Service Requests'. I am guessing that as this is a pre-build report it's only looking at incidents. I have added Service Requests as a condition but I predictably get a 'No Data' response.


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