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[Request Attachments Archiver] Allow us to define which Request Status(es) we want to enable archiving on

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Good afternoon Hornbill,

I just found out that the Request Attachments Archiver only archives Request Attachments for tickets not update for X weeks. It doesn't take into account the status of the Requests. We have requests that might not be updated for over a year but could be on-hold or remaining open for whatever reason, and we don't want these attachments to be archived until they've been resolved/closed.

As per the ticket I logged this morning- IN00182817 - please could I raise an enhancement request for the Request Attachments Archiver to take into account the specified Request Status.

I think we should be able to specify each of the Request Statuses inside the config that will enable the archiving to take place. It should still be based on the last updated date though.



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