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Pages get stuck loading in Service Manager

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I've had reports from a few colleagues that when resolving tickets the page sometimes gets stuck on the 'resolving' animation lately. Apparently opening a new tab and going to the ticket then shows that the ticket has actually closed successfully.

Personally I've also noticed that when navigating the users section in the Platform Configuration that the page gets stuck loading when I go to a user's profile. Refreshing the page then loads it correctly.

Has anyone else noticed similar issues with loading pages in Service Manager lately?

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@CraigP Thanks for posting

In the next update of Service Manager due out next week a change was made relating to resolving linked requests which suffered from a similar issue where it appeared to get stuck on resolution.  Hopefully this fix will also correct the issue you are seeing, but if not fixed after the next update please post back and we can investigate further.

Kind regards,


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