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We've recently run a user group for our helpdesk services, and one of the most common pieces of feedback we received was the frustration of lack of notifications for basic users when they are in a chat session.

Can we please have the notification set up that currently exists for full users (the sound, and the NEW indicator on browser tabs) replicated for basic users? We'd like this to be an 'always on' setting so we are not really expecting the need for a notification settings area for basic users since these are the only notifications they would receive (and I think it's an expectation to receive notifications whilst in a chat session that the user has initiated themselves)


Use case is that if a customer is on a chat session with a member of our team there is no notification to let them know of any updates in their chat session (acceptance, new messages etc) so if they are looking at another browser tab they have to constantly keep checking back, introducing a notification will remove this frustration. I think this will massively help our handle times as well, as we find ourselves having to chase customers sometimes when they are not replying.

Given that this is just a (hopefully) minor enhancement to current functionality, it would be good to see this accepted and delivered relatively quickly :)

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