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Custom field 'directory' for workflows - what 'tool' do you use and what do you capture?

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My number one tips for newbies would be to 1) create and 'religiously' maintain a directory of workflows and custom field utilisation and 2) as part of that to reserve a few of each kind of field for shared purposes so you have consistency across tickets (e.g. custom b is always the ID of the user affected if someone else logs the ticket for them). The directory is invaluable for troubleshooting, maintenance, development and reporting.

I hold mine in an Excel sheet on SharePoint with my team; all the workflows are in the rows and all the fields in their own column, including extended/change. We describe the use in the intersecting cells. We are starting to improve the directory by including details of whether the 'writes' derive from the ICF or which workflow stages.

Anyone got anything to add to this to help us all out and build on this?

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Avoid using custom fields unless "absolutely" necessary. For example, email templates... Workflows usually work well with data from IC or session. However, this can vary depending on the specific scenario.

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13 hours ago, Victor said:

Avoid using custom fields

I'm certainly holding out and not using the new set of extra custom fields added a few months ago. The lot we have is hard enough to manage! But I have two workflows that have used all but one or two of them.

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