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Update Existing Request if Summary contains Matching External Reference Number

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Not sure if this title explains what I am trying to achieve but...

We have an external support company who escalate incidents logged via their system to us via email to our service manager inbox.

I have set up an Inbound Routing Rule and Routing Rule Templates to manage emails related to new incident escalations so that an Incident is raised for us in Hornbill

The subject line always starts

TheirReference (Severity) Incident Escalation:

so this example below works fine to raise new incidents

fromAddress='support@******.com' and subject LIKE '%Incident Escalation:%' and body LIKE '%The following incident was escalated and requires your input:%'


When a new incident is raised in Hornbill via this process then  I have been able to strip their reference from the subject line and add it to the external reference field in the new incident using

&[global["flowcode"]["summary"].substring(0, 10, global["flowcode"]["summary"].length)]


If they send an update for one of these existing Incident Escalations then the subject line always starts

TheirReference (Severity) Updated: 

So I have TheirReference in the external reference field of the initial ticket that was raised in Hornbill but I am trying to find a way to add this new email to the existing ticket.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

I don't think I can do it from the inbound routing rules Operation - update request as the Updated:  emails don't include our reference number in the subject line

I can't seem to find any info on what these other options do -

What is the difference between log or update an existing incident/log or update an existing request and Raise new or update request 



I was thinking use one of the above with Rule Expression: fromAddress='support@******.com' and subject LIKE '%Updated:%' and body LIKE '%The following incident has been updated:%'

and then try to do something in the workflow to check if there is an existing incident where the external reference number matches TheirReference in the email subject (Which will also be the summary field of the request if it was being created...)

Any help would be greatly received :)



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17 hours ago, MichelleReaney said:

Does anyone know if this is possible?


Routing Rules will match a Hornbill request if the Hornbill Request ID is in the Subject. If you want their emails to automatically update an existing Hornbill Request you will need them to put your Hornbill Request Reference in their subject line.

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