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Reporting on all Ticket Activity, not just Resolutions

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A bit of a random one, and apologies if it's in the wrong place

Is there any way in Hornbill to report on what I would call 'tickets touched' for an analyst user?

Basically, we have an issue where various members of staff with quite low resolution stats (compared to the rest of their teams) are arguing that they are managing to pick up large numbers of tickets which need to be reassigned elsewhere - therefore they are still working on tickets but somehow end up with all the ones which legitimately need reassignment rather than ones they are able to resolve

I'm basically looking for a way to report within Service Manager on tickets where an agent has taken any kind of action (updated, sent an email, reassigned etc) so I can generate some stats on tickets people have done anything with on any given day, not just tickets they've resolved

I do suspect the answer is going to involve Timesheet Manager, which we don't currently use, but I thought I'd ask the question in case there is another way of doing it

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Please note that the provided report is utilising the h_buz_activities table which is optimised for performance and not reporting.

Results may vary and larger result sets may fail (due a the query timeout) and/or cause performance issues.

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