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Workspace is missing from Hornbill

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Hi All,

Can you please help? We are unable to see the My Workspace link from our Hornbill Console, only the highlighted options are visible. Till yesterday it was working fine, please let us know is there any changes made today, which we are not aware of? 


Sahana Shenoy


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@Sahana. Shenoy Hornbill have moved the Collaboration features (Workspaces, conversations) into their own application.  This simplifies the UI for any customers who currently do not use Collaboration.  There is now a separate Collaboration app available in the Hornbill App Store.  If you wish to retain the collaboration features simply download the Collaboration App and continue as before, the new icon will appear in the menu and you can continue to use Collaboration.

Also, for any users who need access to Collaboration, they will need to be assigned the Collaboration User role.

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hi @Deen

Just created a collaboration role (as couldnt see one as default), however ive added all the system rights, however stil unable to access prev workspaces that we used (we can see them in the newfeed, but can go into them) - any ideas?


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