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Default Bulletin Image (Per Service)

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Good morning,

I would like to propose the following enhancements to the Bulletins feature:

  1. Default Global Bulletin Image per Service Domain: This would allow us to set a default image for each Service Domain (e.g., IT, HR, Social Care). This image would be used as the default for all Bulletins for Services within that domain.
  2. Default Bulletin Image per Service: This feature would allow us to set a default image for each individual Service (e.g., <App Name>, Mobiles, Website). This image would override the default image set at the Service Domain level.

The rationale behind these enhancements is to streamline the process of creating Bulletins, particularly when they need to be created quickly. Many of our users are not graphic designers and often resort to using screenshots or no image at all.

By setting default images at the Service Domain and Service levels, we can ensure consistent branding across all Bulletins. Furthermore, if a more specific image is required, it can be manually overridden when creating the Bulletin.



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