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Hornbill Asset Management

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We currently use Hornbill as our Asset Management database, as it enables us to add the Configuration Item (CI) to the ticket. The main issue I find, is that when we want to audit the sites, we cannot scan the barcodes on the item to check it has been audited in Hornbill. Is there anyway we can use this as a tool going forward?
We also would like to be able to sync Active Directory Computers with Hornbill, does anyone have any suggestions?
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If your AD Computers are stored in SCCM the Asset Import Tool can be configured to sync with this.

As far as I'm aware, most barcode readers simply convert the scan into keypresses, so if your cursor is in the right place it can enter the code for you, however there isn't a direct integration available as (outside of bespoke software) that's not really how barcode readers work.

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