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New Date Formatter node output not the same as the Cloud Automation output

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I think there may be an issue with the new Hornbill Date Formatter node in that it does not seem to act in the same way as the Cloud Automation node that does the same thing.  (Also if you have any tips on how better to manage BST please let me know). 

Regional settings are set to GMT.  My Change start date is written to CF21 in the IC.  I then want to use that date and time to add to a Card and to an External Authorisation.  For 6 months of the year I need to +1 hour for BST ( @Berto2002 post here was helpful https://community.hornbill.com/topic/26540-how-do-you-get-around-the-impact-of-uk-daylight-savings-bst-in-datetime-fields-for-non-ui-datetime-processing/#comment-122966).  Here is my output, unless I have it hugely wrong I think the time is not being picked up in the new node:




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Maybe you meant @Steve Giller? Following this in case it affects my existing solution

@Sam P I don't know much about these date formats but I can see your Input format has the Z in it which tells the system it's UTC ("zulu time"). However, in the case of your CF21 entry, the time is NOT UTC (no Z on the end) so this could explain why you get an "unexpected" result. What happens if you drop the Z on the Input and run that against your CF21 value? Does that preserve the 07:00?

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@Berto2002thanks I tried dropping the Z with the same results (I don't want to preserve the 07.00, I want the output to be 07.00+01.00 for BST) but I still believe the new Date Formatter node is behaving differently to the old one that is due to be retired from Cloud Automations in the future

@Steve G hopefully you might be able to help here, I will use the Cloud Automation node for now.


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