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Re-authentication - Session expired - occurs every few minutes

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Hello, just wondering if anyone else is having the below Session expired keep popping up, when I say keeps popping up, counted it 12 times in the past 30 mins. 

My Technicians are all experiencing the same issue.  

I logged a call with the Hornbill service desk last Thursday 16th, they confirmed the recent update should not affect the frequency of when these notifications, and asked me to check the timeouts below, which all looked fine.

User - communications.sessionIdleTimeout
Basic user/Customer - communications.basicSessionIdleTimeout

Assuming this issue is local to us, but wanted to check.


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Hi Gavin,

While you are waiting for some feedback from other customers, I was wondering if you are aware of any changes in your environment to your policies around cookies? Session information is held in cookies and I'm wondering if something could be clearing some cookies off of these machines.  

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seeing back-office, self-service users and external/direct login instances; we've our App teams looking into it and have given them heads-up on this thread too (for myself, the "reauthenticate now" option is working (domain joined work laptop over direct access) but for external it's not getting them over the line

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Please see below thread. We can only replicate this when we block Web Sockets on firewalll. This should be escalated to your internal IT teams to review

Kind Regards


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