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Correct way of cancelling


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What are the correct steps to cancel a request? We have End Process node if something was rejected but the calls doesn't appear closed after that..


Is this the correct way to use End Process node?

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An "End" node terminates a Workflow, it has no effect at all on a Request, it just means that there will no longer be an active Workflow attached to the Request.

The most basic step in cancelling a Request would be setting its status to Cancelled.

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There's no way at present to 'properly' cancel a job automatically, beyond changing the status, as Steve said.

I was looking for a way previously to cancel a workflow by autotask, but a workflow-abort doesn't exist as a thing we can do. For workflows, you could set the status to cancel, then lead it to an Abort node, which will mark the status and end the workflow as cancelled instead of complete (I believe).


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