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HTTP API Call via Microsoft Forms Questions/ Problems

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Hello Community and Support,

We would like to raise a request via Microsoft Forms and HTTP API Call. The request should use an existing Intelligent Capture and an Workflow. We can raise the request in Hornbill automatically and use the BP but then we miss the description, summary and Team. If we do it without the Parameter (<bpmName>new-starter</bpmName>) then these fields are filled out but of course no BP is behind. For us the question is how we can use the questions from the Intelligent Capture and the right Workflow in generally with this HTTP API Call? Also we would like to send a feedback to microsoft forms back when the ticket is closed is that possible?

Hope that make sense and anyone can help us. Thanks












  "Authorization": "*sanitized*",

  "Accept": "application/json",

  "Content-Type": "text/xmlmc"







<methodCall service="apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/ServiceRequests" method="logServiceRequest">


            <description>TEST ONLY: New Starter @{body('Update_item')?['Employee_x0020_First_x0020_Name']} @{body('Update_item')?['Employee_x0020_Surname']} (@{body('Update_item')?['Title']})</description>

            <summary>Only for testing purposes - please assign delete immediately</summary>











 for Request with Workflow additionally within the <params> tag:



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