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Is it possible to find out who deleted an email from the inbox?

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We've had a few instances over recent months where random emails seem to bypass the inbox and end up in the deleted folder. I've checked the inbound routing logs on the ones I know about and all looks okay - they go to the inbox and are then deleted. Calls weren't raised from these emails before they were deleted. We don't have any rules set up to automatically delete emails - this only usually happens when we raise a call from them, or they're automatically applied to an open/on hold call. Or they're deleted by one of us.

I'm wondering if there are some logs I can look at to check if anyone has actually deleted these emails (not looking to place blame, I just need to know if there's a fault or if someone's deleting them in error). Thanks.

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The delete action will be recorded in the EspApiTransactions log, however I don't think that you will be able to identify the specific email without increasing the logging level.

As a first step I would suggest creating an additional folder called "Processed by AutoResponder" or similar and instead of setting the Inbound Routing Rules to move to "Deleted Items" on a successful update, move them to the "Processed by AutoResponder" 
This will mean that any emails in "Deleted Items" were definitely deleted - if you find them in "Processed by AutoResponder" you will know that they have been processed by a Rule.

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