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Bulk Updating Requests

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I think I know the answer to this (being no) but thought I would ask as not 100% sure.

There are times where we may need to bulk update requests in Hornbill (occasionally we need to change the categories for example) is there a way to do this with any utility or process within Hornbill?


I know support can do this and have helped us out before with doing this but would be handy if there was a way we could do this.

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2 minutes ago, Peter Clough said:

I think this might be what you're after?

Update from late April was planned but not scheduled.

It's more being able to provide a list of Request IDs and then the values to change

I.e. I have about 1700 requests I need to update the request category for so would need to be able to specify the request ID and then which value to change to what

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