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Wikimarkup css styles on a span element for a label

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We are trying to style a label following the wiki markup guide lines from the Hornbill wiki page.

We are having an issue where we are unable to style a label to add a background colour. Below is an example of something we are trying to recreate. If it's not possible to create exactly like this picture, what can we do to get as close as possible to it with the tools available on the platform?

Thank you.


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Hi Jacopo,

Thanks for your post.

Some fields where wiki markup is used can also have an image added.  You could try and create an image of your notice and store this in the image library.  You can then use the wiki markup below to add the image.  You will want to test on different browser window sizes to make sure that the formatting on the form where you are putting this doesn't break the layout if viewed from a smaller monitor.


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