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Change to Disconnection popup

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Just a quick heads-up, in the next release of core-ui the popup message you see when the session expires has changed, the message will now look like below.  The text has been changed to make it clearer what has happened and an option to Reauthenticate in New Window has been added, this allows you to reauthenticate without potentially losing any dat, which improves the accessibility of the session timeout mechanism.



Trevor Harris

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2 hours ago, Martyn Houghton said:

Presume you would still need to manually copy the content from the disconnected session to the new window. Might be worth adjusting the wording to mention this?

I've never had this issue even with the current implementation.

If I was working on something in one screen and came back to it the next day, I get the message to Re-Establish session...
1. I press the X in the top-right corner of that popup to close it, but remain on the screen I was working on
2. Find or open Hornbill in another tab
3. Login/Re-Establish session
4. Go back to my initial tab and continue working on whatever I was doing.

The new Reauthenticate Window does this make a lot clearer though and more user-friendly.

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