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Non-Service Manager users still show on Subscription

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We removed all but the following roles from two users last week, which we understand should now mean their subscription is Collaboration Only, not Service Manager.  However, they are still showing on the Subscription list of Service Manager.  Why is this please? 


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Hi Steve

Thanks for your response.  This isn't something we've had to do previously.  I just did it for one of the two users in this situation and it removed their Self-Service User role.  I've added the role back manually as they need it.  Thankfully this didn't add them back to the SM user list.  Is this role removal side-effect expected?

Our understanding is that the user's name should automatically be removed from SM subscription list if:

- Roles that invoke SM subscription are removed

- User is archived

- User Type is changed from User to Basic

Please could you give us the scenarios when user's would not be automatically removed from SM subscription when their account set up would no longer utilise it?

Kind regards


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@Steve Giller I did this slightly differently with the other user.  I removed Self Service User role from their account and this automatically removed them from the SM subscription list.  I then added the SSU role back.  This looks like some kind of bug to me as Self Service User has no bearing on SM subscription as far as I'm aware. 

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