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Ticket details vanish when refreshing or reassigning tickets raised from Raise ticket button

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Have a bit of a weird one that one team have just noticed. When they raise a ticket with the Raise New button (not the drop down arrow list next to it) The ticket gets raised in the usual way with the details displayed. However if that ticket is then re assigned and or refreshed at a later date the Detail fields are cleared and no information is available for the ticket.  Also doesn't store any progressive capture information in a question field.


If they use the drop down arrow and select Incident or Service request when raising a ticket theres no issue. Also saves any questions in the question field .


Just wondered if anyone else seen this or is it something im missing in our work flows 





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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your post.  That sounds very strange. I've not come across or heard of anything happening that is similar to this.

The Raise New button and the options to raise specific request types use different Capture Scripts which in turn may lead to a different workflow being applied.   There is some documentation describing how to configure the raise new button. You can prevent the use of the Raise New button if it is something that you don't want to use.  Changing how the Raise New button works can simplify the management of the capture scripts.

Let us know if this helps.

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