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human activity in Business Process

lee mcdermott

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when a Activity is generated as part of the BP and the activity is selected on the call is there anyway to change the text or remove the initial display that says complete?

see below you have to select complete to then display the actual options configured on the activity

it is an extra click and also maybe a little confusing as some may think just clicking complete is going to complete the whole activity rather than then giving them other options.




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You can Translate the button text if you have the correct Role:

  • Click on your Profile icon
  • Select Start Translation Mode
  • Open a Task
  • Right-Click the "Complete" button
  • Change the Text to whatever you need
  • Close the Pop-ups
  • Click on your Profile icon
  • Select Stop Translation Mode

You can also open the Activity with the Quick-Complete button:
which has the same effect as opening it and clicking on the Complete Button.

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