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Segregate tickets

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Hi all,

I want to make it so only teams can see their own tickets assigned to their teams.

I have a main group called 1st Line Support which should be able to see all the tickets in all groups. Then I have two sub teams and each sub team can only see what is in their sub team.

=1st Line Support=

----------->PLM Support

----------->SAP Support

But, on the request list view, you can change it so they can see outside their team. How do I stop this?




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I don't think Supporting Teams feature will help you because it segregates by Service, not Team/Tickets.

If a person is in the first line support team and in the SAP team, then they will see all the tickets if they click on the "all my teams" list. If a person is only in the SAP team, they will not see tickets on the first line support queue when they select that option. However they will see everyone's tickets if they select "all my services" unless you have used the supported teams feature that Kelvin mentioned.

I think what you are after is the little button next to "all my teams" called "views". You need to create a view for each of the teams/subteams and have them learn to use the views instead. You can have a supervisor or administrator create the views and share them with team members or everyone can create their own.

This approach will work provided the reason you want to segregate tickets is not for data security but just for the purposes of giving people the right lists of tickets to work from. The Hornbill solution does not have any data segregation.


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