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Add Assets from another Request


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I would like to be able to get assets from a existing request, and when a new request is logged be able to get assets from said request and link them to my new request.


Scenario: Change management standard change requests in the initial request for a change to be standard I would like to be able to capture these assets once, Then based on a Request ID get the assets from the original request and link them to any future standard changes 

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You can't copy the Assets from one Request to another unless you are using the Raise Request node in the BPM (where Copy Assets is an option) or copying the Request.

However, you can automatically add Assets owned by a Customer to a Request.

One option might be to have the BPM assign the Customer automatically, add that Customer's Assets (the relationship between Customer - possibly a dummy for this purpose - and Assets having been tailored to the Change) and then wait for a new Customer to be assigned before continuing.
The caveat here being that Changes don't technically have Customers - so this approach may require some chicanery and/or not work at all.

A second option may be to - as suggested here:

to have bookmarks to the Standard Changes - then have a Custom Button that fires an Auto Task with a Raise New Request node, set to copy whatever is necessary from the Standard Change into the new Request.

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