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Is it possible to have a default Text for the summary field of requests?

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Dear Support

I would like to raise special requests with the same summary for all kind of these requests. is that possible? i thought maybe in the Intelligent Capture -> Forms -> Request Details?

But i couldn't find anything like this.

Do you know a way?

Best regards



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So you can add a label that is not visible in the form and put any information you want in there.

You can then either change the field id to be h_summary if that is what you want in there, or in the BPM you can set the Summary to add on any extra information eg. append ' - Joe Bloggs' after the information that has been set in the form.


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Alternatively just set the Summary with an Update Details node at the start of the Workflow.

It really depends if you want the Customer to see what the Summary (that they can't edit) is.

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