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Users unable to submit Dates due to in correct format

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So far this has only happened a couple of times but the Team and I have had an instance where a user is attempting to submit a form via Intelligent capture. 

When they come in insert a date (Start Date) the field is displaying an error stating that the Date Format is invalid. 

While I have been able to determine the source of the issue and a fix in the same vein. 

As it turns out the Date Format field in the users accounts on Hornbill weren't being filled. 


Does anyone have any ideas as to what might have cause these issues, because the rest of our user base has so far not had any such issues. 


Thank you in advance :)

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From the description I'm not sure if this is happening before any information is entered, or after.

It does seem, from the description, that a missing Date Format Field could be the cause. When creating the User in the UI this is pre-populated and cannot be blanked so if this is empty I would expect it to cause issues.

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I'm not entirely sure when this field is supposed to be filled, I would assume when the user is imported from AD. 

but this appears to be happening intermittently, but no further cases reported thus far, so it might have just been a blip. 

If it does continue to happen I'll update this post further.  

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