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New Update: Hornbill Core UI (1902)

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Hornbill Core UI (1902) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • Admin - Reporting - Reports: Added ability to set From address for scheduled report email delivery.
  • Coworkers list - Improved pagination
  • Configuration - Employee Portal - Improved UI including preview of the page
  • User profile - protected fields like first name or last name can be change to read only
  • Admin - Reporting - Reports: List View - Add additional filter options and schedule info cols (requires core build 226)
  • Firefox 100 or lower is not supported
  • Safari 13 or lower is not supported
  • Admin - Reporting - Reports: Enable timezone support for report schedule.
  • Print - Removing 100% height when printing to allow showing all pages and not just the first one
  • Employee Portal - Service View - Selected Menu item left bar uses the same color as the link config color
  • Activities popup - fixed naming conventions from group to teams
  • Intelligent Capture - Custom fields - Date - Calendar exclusions can be selected
  • When setting time from the timelist and choosing a time in the PM on a 12 hour clock, incorrectly sets it to AM
  • Date time - Fixed issue with AM/PM - Issue with component using local time when no timezone declared
  • Admin - Platform Conf - Users: Create/Edit api key save button not enabling.
  • Admin - Reporting - Reports: Changing column position in the selectable columns list does not enable save button.
  • Employee Portal - Text Widget - Style issues
  • Spelling mistake on the Service Error page
  • Style - Hyperlink Color not applied when inside a dropdown
  • Admin - Data - Simple Lists: When adding list translation and clicking to another row with mouse it fires save event twice (causing duplicates)
  • User profile - Manager field - Read only attribute not respected
  • Clearing a Profile Codes description is not saved
  • Admin - Workflow - Intelligent Capture: Do not allow nodes to have empty display names
  • Admin - Advanced Analytics - Dashboards: Pie Charts setting slice color to black when in auto color mode and setting custom slice label
  • Admin - Data - Simple Lists: Sorted out saving of multiple list items that are in create mode.
  • Admin - Platform Conf - Users: In assigned Roles list roles with ' in name are not displayed.
  • Inteligent Capture - Custom Form - Multiline input not increasing size when there is more content
  • Dark Mode - Admin - User Roles - Wrong colors
  • Admin - Platform Conf - Tools - Entity Viewer: Entity listbox not resizing until resize window.
  • E-Portal Admin - Fixed text "Height can't be'''r''' less than..."
  • Employee Portal - Corrected text in tooltip "I'''t''' might have a maximum height limit"
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