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Ability to open Resolved request and not Closed

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Is there a way to be able to limit service desk users reopening requests so that they can only reopen resolved requests and not closed requests?

Ideally, we want our service desk team to only be able to reopen requests when resolved, same as the customer can in the employee portal.

Maybe an application right that allows Reopening Resolved Requests and Reopening Closed Requests (in our case reserved for admin users) could achieve this?

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I've not yet tested this fully, but I believe that if you add a Lock Actions node after Closing the Request in the Business Process Workflow (before the End node, obviously!) this will prevent any Users (except those with the ... Full Access roles) from seeing the Reopen button.

With this method, if you do find a requirement to reopen a closed Request one of the Full Access Users can do this, or unlock the Action so the Owner can.

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