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Between Date picker - max allowed days between not working as expected

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I am using a between date picker on an IC.

I have set the maximum allowed days between to 2.

This is however allowing me to pick dates up to 3 days ahead.

When I reduce the max allowed days between to 1, then the calendar works as expected.

I am using a calendar that includes all days of the week and weekends but excludes BHs.

Is this correct?

For example:

Start date chosen is 18.05.23 - I can pick dates up to 20.5.23.






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@Estie I did some tests and couldn't find any issues. Before I dig dipper let try to see how it works.
Date range is applied to first date (FROM) and here for example value 0 represents current day, value 1 day after and so on.. 
When you put 7 as Start and 30 as End it means that you can pickup any date here between 7 and 30 days ahead but second date will be limited to max 2 days from date picked as start.

Now there is also possible to apply calendar with restrictions to days off - this means days selected as NON WORKING (no working hours found) which cause that date range will be shifted until first working day.

For example if you have calendar call WEEKENDS where you select working days from MON to FRI, then put in date range FROM 0 TO 9 (so 10 days) it will cover exactly two weeks from now like on screenshot below.


Hopefully it make more sens now.

Thanks you,

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Hi @Miro

I think I understand.  I did not realise that the current day is being counted as 0.

So the max number of days between does not include the current day.

I wish to  include the current day so I will just leave the max days between to 1.

It is a bit confusing, but thank you for explaining.



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