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Minor enhancement: Please make the "copy passcode" feature also copy the expiry date

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Invariably, we create passcodes for HB Support so we copy then into a Support ticket

It's very useful to have the expiry date of that passcode pasted at the same time so we can all see it.

The copy feature, though, only copies the code itself, green text. As a result, I never use it; I select the text and copy that.

I figure it would be nice if the copy button captured the whole of the (green and red) text, given it's intended use.


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24 minutes ago, Berto2002 said:

given it's intended use.

Its intended use is to create a secure access code for Support to assist in diagnosing a fault.

The date is purely for your records and so you can double-check that you have created a Passcode that is not providing access for longer than you feel is necessary.

The copy button is a convenience and means that Support get a text Passcode that they can copy rather than an an image of the code itself.

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