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Hornbill Azure User Import Utility

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when we configured Hornbill ( about one year ago) we configure a script to import Azure 365 User in Hornbill. This script use the Hornbill Azure User Import Utility to import users each and has work fine until the 1st of april. After this day the script stop to work. In the log i see this messages:

2023/05/10 13:40:09 [MESSAGE] ---- Azure Import Utility v3.2.0 ----
2023/05/10 13:40:09 [MESSAGE] Flag - config goAzure2HUserImport
2023/05/10 13:40:09 [MESSAGE] Flag - logprefix
2023/05/10 13:40:09 [MESSAGE] Flag - dryrun false
2023/05/10 13:40:09 [MESSAGE] Flag - instanceid
2023/05/10 13:40:09 [MESSAGE] Flag - apikey
2023/05/10 13:40:09 [MESSAGE] Flag - apitimeout 60
2023/05/10 13:40:09 [MESSAGE] Flag - workers 1

2023/05/10 13:40:09 [MESSAGE] Flag - forcerun false
2023/05/10 13:40:10 [MESSAGE] Overridden Page Size 1000
2023/05/10 13:40:10 [ERROR] Unable to run import, a provious import is still running

in the past days i have:

update the version of Hornbill Azure User Import Utility to 3.2.0,

checked the ClientSecret key, the key is valid until july 2023

rebooted the server

after this steps i always receive the same error. Can you help me to resolve this issue?




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