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How to raise an alert or notification to a team

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Sometimes if a call is assigned to another team but not yet assigned to a analyst and the customer calls the service desk. Is there anyway to send an email notification to the team to tell them it is urgent or being chased.

I thought an auto task would work well to generate a email to the owner of a call. But this obviously wont work if the call isnt assigned to anyone.

For each of our different teams they have team distribution email address so we could email the group.

However I am not sure how instigate a process that could determine the team the call is assigned to and then send a notification to a team email address based on each different teams email address?


Any ideas if this could be done and how?





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At the moment, there isn't a BPM automation that will look up the members of a team and email those members.  You could create a distribution list on your email server and then use the BPM automation for sending an email to that distribution list. 

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