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SSO not working for one profile

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2 weeks ago we've got both of our SSO profiles expired. Previous to that we updated them on Active Directory and with auto update enable Hornbill took the new ones, on one profile worked flawlessly but the other one as you can notice on Used Count is not letting the users to log in the platform.

Any suggestion about why is this happening?


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You never need both certs, typically on AD there are two certs, one is the signing the certificate and one is not, Its the signing cert we need to validate SAML assertions.   The use count tells you how many times that certificate has been used to verify an incoming assert, in your case zero, which would imply that since the new certificate has been installed on the Hornbill instance, no SAML assertions have been signed using that certificate.   

So the obvious question here would be, are your users using Hornbill? are they getting logged in OK?  This is an example of a working one



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