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Automated Export of Service Manager Requests

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Hi All,

First-time poster, so please go easy!

We use Service Manager to handle all our tickets for Digital support coming into the business. Still, we are looking at a better way of prioritising the volumes so we are delivering the most focused and value you adding tools for our users.

We're designing a process whereby we'd like all the tickets to go from the Service Manager, populate a SharePoint List and then sit down with the Heads of Department on a monthly basis and discuss projects to be prioritised on our roadmap. We'll then use Power Automate to update the original requestor on things like approval, start date, priority and further comments. 

Is there a way of automating a twice-weekly download of all our tickets into an Excel/SharePoint so that when we sit down with the relevant Department Heads, the information is already showing, and ready to be discussed? 

Apologies if this is already a functionality, I'm new to the back-end workings of Hornbill!



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Hi @J.Wharfe,

The obvious first stop would be using Reports and schedule them to email out the information to the relevant parties.

If follow-up numbercrunching is necessary, then you could look at the Data Export Tool, which can downloads the same report and leaves one with a .csv file (if you don't push the data into a DB) which you can then manipulate as you wish.


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