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Inbound Mail Service - not working

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Today our inbound mail service on the two shared mailboxes we have within Hornbill has stopped working today. Was working as normal yesterday.

Emails are coming in as normal to the O365 mailbox, but are not being forwarded in to Hornbill.

We have checked all relevant settings and nothing has changed. Unless the Hornbill public IP we were provided with 172.x.x.x. has changed??

One thing I did notice that the option to TEST CONNECTION within the inbound mail service configuration is greyed out. Not sure if that means anything

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Thanks for the post. We were actually already investigating an issue with your node that our monitoring had detected when you posted. It seems that 1 email was corrupt on reciept which was causing the mail importer to repeatedly fail. We have deleted the offending email and the blockage is now clear with all other emails being recieved. 

We will send you the details of the offending mail in a Private message. 

We will also look at expanding our monitoring checks to quicker alert us to this type of issue. 

Kind Regards

Hornbill Cloud Team 

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