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Task Assignment - Assign to Variable for Groups/Roles

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Looking through the threads I came across 


Is there any scope for a future improvement to  enable  Task Assignment - Assign to Variable for Groups/Roles as this would make the BPM's a lot slicker as   there is potentially  up to a dozen group/roles 

The Teams make up would be for example



TEAM_C ......

The  roles could be then dynamicaly assigned without the need for quite a few  Decision branches.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Ade M

It IS actually possible to use the "Assign to Variable" option on a Human Task to a User, Team or Role. You just need to use the correct syntax (I've noticed this isn't documented anywhere however, so will look to correct this).
Also, this is not a free text field (at present) so the string will need to be injected in from somewhere else - possibly if you have stored the generated string in a custom field, that could be an option. 

The strings you need are:

To assign to a Team
urn:sys:group:<team ID>

To assign to a User

To assign to a Role
urn:sys:role:<role name>
urn:sys:role:Asset Manager



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Thanks for the  quick reply,   The Assign to a role would work-  shame its not a free txt that could be done with some free txt manipulation but  i can always use a series of  custom fields


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