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Timeline update - email to customer


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I wondered if someone can check my logic and tell me if this is a defect.

I have a service called "Test Environment" with Enable Notify Customer


If you update the ticket manually through the Request, an email is sent to the customer as an update as expected.


However if I set in the Business Process to update the Request timeline and set the visibility to Customer, no email is sent


Is this intended?

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Hi @Kelvin

Thanks for your post.  The feature for sending an email to the customer is specifically referring to the request Actions that are located at the top of the request.  When a user manually uses the Update Action, an email is sent when the visibility is set to Customer. 




The BPM Automation is simply an update to the timeline.  As this isn't using the manual Update Action on the request,  it's not sending an email.  As this is an automated event you can also include an email automation following this node to send an email to the customer if desired.  

I hope that helps.


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