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Put multiple tickets on hold when needing the same status and sub status


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I tagged this on an older post where this was asked for but it maybe that its too old to be visible so I thought Id start a new one.

I would like to raise this request again. The ability to put bulk calls on hold by ticking a selection in a request list.

We have intakes where we have 30 jobs on for individuals needing equipment. We need to put these on hold until nearer their start date. It is quite tedious to open each ticket putting it on hold.
They need the same date and same status and sub status so it would be a massive time saving for us to be able to put them all on hold like we can if we are assigning or updating a selection of tickets.

Please :)


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We like to do it manually as sometimes we will not build the equipment until after. Depends on our current workload.

I just would like on hold to be an option for multiple tickets like update, assignment and resolve is.

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Just want to give this a bump.

We really would like to be able to put multiple tickets on hold.

We have had 3 situations just this morning.
Not new users 


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