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Scheduling reports


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Currently you can only select recipients to send to.  Doesn't mention CC or BCC like when using Email templates.  Could I please request an update to allow the use of BCC for scheduling reports and getting them sent using BCC instead of TO.

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In the case of reports, we purposefully did not include the ability to BCC reports.  Here is the reason, suppose a manager has created a report to extract information, let us say for example, any HR request that relates to salary changes.  Now consider a rogue admin who would also like to know about this, they could add themselves as a BCC to the report, and, importantly when that report is delivered to the manager (the legitimate recipient), that person would have no idea this report is also being received by someone else too, because the other party(s) are blind copied.  This was a very intentional commission from the general functionality of emailing reports. 

Can I ask, what is your specific use case for needing to blind-copy a report to recipients?



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We use BCC for sending out weekly Change reports where we don't need them to reply, but blanket publish of the report.  Also may get sent to 3rd party DLs that are automated and may reply automatically.  So BCC gets around this.

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