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Send email failing on BP

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Our asset recovery process has a couple of elements that automatically creates incidents and assigns them to specific teams.  However, this is failing - we are getting a couple of different errors on the jobs - one relates to the email inbox (see attached) and the other says:  Process::Execute: exceeded maximum execution count (1000)...


We think that this may be something to do with the API that has changed so we need to change the task accordingly?  Any pointers appreciated.

Failed BP on asset recovery.PNG

BP error on asset recovery.PNG

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The error is stating that the email address was not long enough - as a first step I would check what answers were given in the relevant Task, presumably the "Obtain Users Personal Contact Details from HR Operations"

The Capture Task Fields can have Regex Validation, as this error breaks the Workflow adding this to the email answer to ensure that you have to give a valid email address would be an option.

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