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The "Linked Services" tab of Service Level Agreements does not work

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I have 3 x SLA for Schools and an example of a Service listing SLA's is this:


But when I open the SLA and click "Linked Services" literally nothing happens; no list of services, no message, nothing,


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Actually, after quite a delay I got this on one of them, indicating it had found some but would not display them:


Another another one showed this error:


...even though there IS A SERVICE using it:


Something is not right with this little lot...


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Hi @Berto2002

Thanks for posting.  Just based on the screenshots will break this into two..

1. 'Internet Connectivity' Example - The SLA circled in the Internet Connectivity service is marked green as 'Service Specific' so this would not be a shared SLA, however, the screenshot where it shows the blue message of no services using the SLA looks like the form for a global shared SLA.  Is there any chance you have 2 SLAs with very similar names 'Service - Internet Connectivity (Schools)' vs 'Schools - Internet Connectivity' ?
2. 'Remote Support' Example - I've tested this locally and it worked as expected, based on your comment that it showed the result table eventually I'm wondering if there is a slow query based on the data which is causing problems on your instance.  In this example I'd suggest raising this with the support team so that we can investigate your specific issue.

Kind regards,


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