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We are in the process of expanding our use of self-service to new areas and I am currently creating the intelligent capture for this.

The information we need to capture from users currently comes in to us on a form we've created on a word document; we would like to explore phasing this out as we move forward with self-service. On the form we are currently using we have a table that users fill in. I can't see any way of doing anything like this within the progressive capture at the moment, all I have been able to do is put in a multi line free text box, with the hope users will continue to input the information in here the way they are used to on the form.

Is there any way that we could incorporate a table or is there something else that would work better for this sort of thing than just using a free text box?

Thank you! 😊

Clinic Template Example.PNG

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Hi @Sophie Springett

At the moment there is no such input field that could be used to catch tabular data.
As this is "dynamic input" probably the best would be like you said to use multi line text input.
I will add your request to feature requests for Intelligent Capture and once it will be evaluated and added to work log I will let you know.

Thank you,

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+1 we have several requirements where we would like to capture tabular data, this could be from a shopping list, lists of requirements for multiple lines of questions, capturing this in some sort of array may be more beneficial that lots of individual field of blank data.


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