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Im looking for a solution/suggestion to an automation task im working on.

We are looking to automate our application request process. What we want is the ability for the customer to select an application from a list then hornbill can work out what Active Directory group they need to be added to, add them to that group and then close the ticket.

We have a manual process in place currently, and im aware that ITOM can add people to the required AD group, where im stuck is the linking of the name of the application to the relevant AD group.

Currently all our applications are kept in a simple list, but due to the character limit we cant add the information for the AD group in there.

Any ideas???

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We could remove a bit of the AD name but current we are using a lot of the Value section of the simple list, and in some cases its reaching the 128 character limit.

Here is an example:- 


We currently store the priority of the application/service, who the approver is and then the name of it.



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We use the Simplelist Value field to contain the Object ID for the AD Group and then use iBridge Azure AD cloud nodes to add the user to the Group.

We use the "Install" and "Licenced" strings in the Default Display to guide the BPM also. When we don't have an AD group ID we catch that in the BPM and pass to Sdesk for manual intervention.


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Just looking at the columns available, since we haven't translated the names of our apps, could we user the Translated Display to hold the additional information?? Just a though.

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