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Enhancement: Allow "Get Asset" nodes to discretely obtain Used by and Owned by Assets for users who are not the customer

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In the Get Asset nodes, there are two options, Used By and User ID (see screenshot below). The behaviour of these is confusing and does not allow the flexibility I need.

Case 1: If neither Used by nor User ID are entered, the node does NOT "get" any assets, despite both those fields being optional. I have reported this as a potential defect here: 

Case 2: If I want to find out the Used by Assets for the Customer, I enter Used By  = TRUE. Similarly, I enter FALSE if I only want to find out the Owned By assets for the Customer. This works.

Case 3: If the purpose of the Request is to process information for someone who is NOT THE CUSTOMER (like a starter or leaver where the customer is the Line Manager; or any ticket raised by a secretary for their leader) then I would set the User ID field to the appropriate user but this OVER-RIDES (disregards) the TRUE or FALSE Used By flag and returns BOTH Used By and Owned By Assets.

In short, because the User ID field over-rides Used By, it is not possible to separately obtain the Used by or Owned by Assets of a user who is not the Customer. My use case is that I want Used By and Owned by assets to be the subject of differing BPM branches but this is proving hard to execute.

I request the User ID field be programmed to NOT over-ride the Used By boolean choice so we can use this node to discretely obtain Used by and Owned by Assets in BPM.

In the meantime, only the workaround I have is to briefly alter the Customer of the Request to be the subject user, run the node to discover only their Owned By assets and then re-set the Customer back to the original. This is messy and consume additional processing time for Hornbill.



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