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Resolution text in a resolved request in the Support Hub

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Hi all,

We find that often our customers do not scroll down the page when a request is resolved when they view the request in the Support Hub / My Requests to view the resolution text. 

I know currently on a resolved request the default view shows like below, and it is not a massive issue to scroll down to see the resolution text, however we are finding a number of customers are not doing this, and just reopen the request as they have not seen the resolution text / have not read the resolution email sent to them. Is it possible to add another tab here where the actual Resolution text could be injected to avoid this issue?

Image below shows where I am referencing:

Many thanks !


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Bump :) we have reviewed the above again - rather than a new tab is there anyway to enhance the existing Resolve Tab so it reads something like the below. It would prevent our customers who are failing to scroll down and read the timeline text for the resolution / omitting to read the email we send them with the Resolution text included.

Many thanks !


Resolution text inserts here

Your request has been resolved.

Thanks, it's resolved No, this issue is not resolved

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