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Email Action - Notify Customers of Linked Requests

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We have been discussing the management of Major Incidents and part of that focussed on the communications we send to affected users.

It would be useful if the email function within a request in Hornbill would be able to email the customer of the main request and the linked requests in one action.

I have confirmed that this functionality is not presently available within Hornbill and I believe it would be very useful.

I envisage either a new action button with email+ and make that available only to requests with linked requests or a button within the to/cc/bcc field for +linked

This would be a direct way for us to notify users affected by a major incident that we wish them to test and confirm stable service.

I hope this is sufficient information, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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Hi @Llyr

Our MI process is quite complex as Hornbill don't quite offer what we used to use as a 'Major Incident'  I have an auto task that switches the process incidents go through, within that process I have a task to provide the reference of the 'MI' or in our case a problem record as you can publish to portals with this entity, from that I use a get customer node to get the user id and then add them as a connection to the request id provided with a comment that details the reference the were connected from, using a connection to measure impact opposed to the requests helps when the phones are call after call as analysts can just find the MI and just add them as a connection opposed to logging a whole new request every time

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