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When a request resolution timer ends we are seeing 'The resolution target has been resumed' as text injected into the timeline

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Hi All

One of my colleagues noted that when a request moves the resolution timer to 'end' it is showing the text in the timeline as 'The resolution target has been resumed'

I have monitored a couple of requests moving from resolved to closed after the 5 day window, and I am seeing the same text being inserted so I am presuming this is set somewhere. Should this not read 'The resolution target has ended' ? Checking the resolve timer node in the BPM I can see no options for writing this to the timeline so I am presuming this is a global setting of some sort? These are internal facing timeline updates so the customer doesn't see this.

This image shows the timeline showing the request resolved on the 5th and moving to closed today the 12th:


This image shows the BPM node where this seems to be applied:


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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

In this case the reason for the "resumed" timeline entry will be that if the target timer is on hold at the time of initiating the resolution.  Part of the mark resolution process will be to take any timers off-hold in order to then process and complete the timer/target resolution values.

Hope that makes sense,



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