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How to auto log and close a call via a link?

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Is it possible to create a catalog item where all that is present on the form is some information and a finish button (which is possible I know), But what I need is for the customer to click finish and it sends them to a different linked URL?


I can create an information section on the page with a link to the required URL but this means the customer then won't select the finish button.

We have a process where the customer needs to complete a O365 form to automate the creation of a O365 service i.e. create a new sharepoint site, or create a new shared mailbox etc. But we want the customer to begin the process in Hornbill so ideally need to log and close a call automatically in Hornbill but at the same time direct them via selecting a link to the form in O365 to complete.


Hope that makes sense and is this possible or is there a better way to do it?




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I'm not sure if Hornbill provide a power automate add on but another route would be maybe capture all the information in Hornbill and use something like power automate to populate your forms in O365 or whatever is behind those forms that the information is used for? I have a feeling it would be a premium feature if so though but could be worth looking into if it exists

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