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Two issues with Simplelist save/autosave: two clicks to gain field focus and error message

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Issue 1 to replicate:

  1. Click to add new list item
  2. Paste a value into Default Display
  3. Paste a value into Raw
  4. Click once in the Translated Display field

The cursor will only be in the field for a split second, the auto-save will trigger and then the field focus is lost so you have to click twice in the Translated Display field in order to be able to enter data.

issue 2 to replicate:

  1. Click the edit box to edit an existing row
  2. Edit Raw (In this case I removed "(Install)" from the end of the name
  3. Click off the row to trigger auto-save (works ok)
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for another row

After step 4, an error will be displayed (see screenshot): an error occurs when a second row edit is made after a previous auto-save row edit. This also occurs for any subsequent row edits but values ARE being saved as can be evidenced by simply refreshing the browser page.


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