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Email Template link to request

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Hello Support,

I have a question. We use a link in our email template for notification when a request is open for example. the link should provide the customer to see his request for updates but it is not working he get an error forbidden to view 403.

So what is wrong with my link can you please explain?





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@Nikolaj  The format of your link, is correct, if the recipient is an agent, and viewing the request in the context of providing support.

If the intention, is for the customer to view the ticket on the employee portal, the format would be:


If the customer is viewing the ticket via the external customer portal then it would also have a different format, let us know if you need that?

Hope that helps

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Hi @Steven Boardman thanks that looks better but not perfect i get this message now


<p><a href="https://live.hornbill.com/tgre/catalog/com.hornbill.servicemanager/request/{{H_pk_reference}}/">Here</a> you can view&nbsp;your active requests.<br />



and when i navigate to that site with my user the url is this






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@Nikolaj my mistake in the format of the URL, try:


I missed out the . in the variable reference

For testing, make sure your user account is subscribed to the service, the request is raised against, as well as being part of a team which supports the servive

Hope that works now



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