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Order Board lane by date?


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Using Hornbill Automation, Add card to Board, I want to use the order option, but unclear what parameters I can use.  Ideally I'd like to order by date, but guess is position only?  Please advise.  Thanks.

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The order is a numeric value starting at 0 (zero) for the top of the lane.


There isn't an option for ordering by date; as far as I'm aware there is no requirement for a Card to have a date associated with it.

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Feature update for Hornbill:

Ideally I would want each lane ordered by the fields within the Change card, please.

It would be ideal if there was a support button on the board to order a lane by a chosen field, ie date.  via Auto task/button or BPM.

I use a Board when going to our weekly CAB meeting and having to manually order each lane by date takes time and the Lane sometimes messes up and I have to do all over again.  A real frustration on my part.

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On 4/11/2023 at 1:19 PM, TrevorHarris said:

We do have a plan in boardmanager to allow for reordering of lanes but this hasn't currently been scheduled for development so will not be available in the near future

This is quite shocking, IMHO. To me, the ability to re-order cards in a lane according to some specified criterion (reference number springs to mind, but I'm sure there'll be others) is a fundamental requirement which would make life a lot easier for board stakeholders/users, especially when you have a lane populated with scores of cards. Please consider prioritising this development work.

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